IT’S TIME ENTERTAINMENT was formed to find quality clients and provide the best professional legal/business service possible. With key service offerings that include contract negotiation and preparation, financial planning, promotions, and marketing, IT’S TIME ENTERTAINMENT brings high-quality service, dedication, with integrity to the entertainment industry. Our clients are known as leaders in both their professional and personal lives. We have served as counsel to several top production companies, and our company has negotiated deals with HBO, ESPN, TV- One, AllBlk, ABC, BET, Disney and other networks in the scripted and non-scripted (reality TV) programming areas.

We represent, manage, and assist emerging and established artists in the development of their performing careers. As we strive to create and capitalize on the right opportunities for our clients, we maintain an artist-friendly and relaxed atmosphere as business is conducted in a serious and professional manner.

Some of our current and past clients have included television and film producers, directors, actors, and recording artists, among others. Our core objective is to deliver exceptional services to performers while reaching above and beyond the usual legal/business responsibilities to ensure all opportunities are maximized to the fullest extent.

IT’S TIME ENTERTAINMENT is dedicated to representing clients with the utmost honesty, integrity, and professionalism. We understand that every client has different needs, both personally and professionally. Therefore, we tailor our services to meet those needs so our clients can focus solely on their professions and be the best versions of themselves.

We are honored to represent the numerous talented actors, comedians, musicians, productions companies and television executives who bring countless laughter, love, and hope into so many lives through their work.

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